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Sights to Sea

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

– Jonathan Winters

Find your Audience

Every time you think about growing your business, you have to consider who your new customers will be. Where are they now? What solutions are they currently using, and why would they want to switch over to what you offer?

Build your lists

Making a list of your current goals, and goals you’ll pursue next, is a great way to avoid stalling and waisting valuable time. Keep moving, because you can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving.

Excellence comes when you
Slow down

You read that right, slow down. Better to do one thing very well than to do two or more things poorly. Spend more time planning, and experimenting, so when it’s time to act, you not only succeed, you can triumph!

Build a Site
worth visiting

Helping business is what we do. Owners can create or improve sites so that they can reach their target audience and provide them with products and service, either by getting them to call, visit, or even purchase online.

Online stores may be too expensive for many small businesses, but a good website can still drive customers to their doors. We work within your limits, and help you reach new goals.

Speaking of sites to see, Check out this B&B

The Way Less Traveled Bed and Breakfast is Montana’s northern most bed and breakfast, with a stunning view of Glacier National Park.